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Betta fish Breeding make to feel comfortable

First I want to explain how you play the betta esplendens, and then discuss the conditions that must meet to obtain representation. First, you say that the betta make a nest of bubbles with his saliva on the surface, about 5 inches long and about 3 or 4...
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Caring for Betta Fish : Give Natural Food

Caring for Betta Fish ornament is very easy, it only needs patience and prudence in Betta Fish maintenance every day, for example, regular feeding, regular replacement of the aquarium water, and do not forget to also train the mental fish Betta Fish. Until not uncommon breeders spend time...
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Betta Fish Depression

From time to time, you may notice that your Betta fish seems depressed and languishes around in its aquarium not appearing to take an interest in fish food, other aquatic creatures or its owner. Even though your Betta fish may appear to have depression, it is important to...
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