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Betta Fish Behavior

Betta fish behave aggressively and it appears to originate from the male Betta who wants to protect his territory. This is why the male Bettas should be kept separate everytime. Both female and male Bettas adapt very well to community tanks as long as there is only one male Betta in the tank. You have to be cautious not to place them in a tank with others because they will be picked on by others that may result in them being injured because of their Betta fish behavior of nipping others.

With female Bettas, there is no antagonistic behavior as such and they can do well if placed together. In the community tank, they will establish a pecking order. This will see one fish establishing itself as the dominant one while the others will act in submission to the Alpha fish. There will be peace always in the community tank as long as there is no addition to it. Betta fish behavior is different and they have their own personalities as they are curious, friendly and they will get to know their caregiver. Some Bettas enjoy swimming into the hands of their caregivers to be raised out of the water and stroked.

If you see a male Betta flaring, you will understand why you should keep this exquisite fish. Flaring is an expression of his aggression and happens when one male Betta threatens the territory of another male. As the Bettas grow older, they tend to become more aggressive, so do not think otherwise about this Betta fish behavior. Learning some of the Betta fish behavior is paramount, as they will assist you to know your Bettas quite well. When a male Betta flares, there must be another male that has invaded his territory and from here, the two male Bettas will start fighting.

Bettas can be kept in a variety of habitats, for instance being kept in the wild they can survive in shallow puddles therefore using glass or small plastic containers can be sufficient. However, you should change the water often if you are using a small container.