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Caring for Betta Fish : Give Natural Food

Caring for Betta Fish ornament is very easy, it only needs patience and prudence in Betta Fish maintenance every day, for example, regular feeding, regular replacement of the aquarium water, and do not forget to also train the mental fish Betta Fish. Until not uncommon breeders spend time from morning to night just to control the condition of Betta Fish.


Betta Fish pretty feed naturally as water fleas, worms and larva that live in the gutter. Can be given two times a day. Worms should be cleaned repeatedly with clean water until ready to serve. Betta Fish 1.5-month-old can already be given a large meal.


Replace Water Tank Aquarium

Water treatment is very important to stay healthy hickey. Replace water 50% should be done every day, the more often water is replaced Betta Fish growth will accelerate. Running water is a maximum limit of three days. The trick is to suck the plastic hose. Total replacement of water once a week. Bottle or aquarium is washed and then dried so that germs are dead. After the aquarium tank with clean washed and dried. Too late to change the water cause illness. food remains and excrement Betta Fish that settle in the bottom water can cause diseases such as: white spot, velvet, white-breasted and defecate.