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How Betta Fish Grow Up Bigger

If you feed your betta fish well , of course, every animal is able to grow up bigger than before. Because of the growth cycle of the animal, betta fish is able to grow up too. As long as the right treatment that given to this kind of fish species, it will make this beautiful colorful fish from tropical climate country grow up bigger faster than the other. Betta fish is a low maintenance fish in size, but when the environment of betta fish can be manipulated to make the betta fish grow up faster.

Does Betta Fish Grow Up Because of Environment Manipulated?

Betta fish can grow up faster than before when the manipulated of environment happens. By taking care of the tank size, the water included on the tank, food that given to the betta fish, and many things, the life of betta fish can be developed well. For manipulating environment of betta fish, we need bigger aquarium that contains at least 5 gallons of water.

When the betta fish put into the large aquarium, it can make the betta fish swim freely and make the betta fish happy. Because this kind of aggressive fish will be happy if the tank is large in order to be used to swim freely. For the water, betta fish need warm clean water in the environment. As a result, we need to replace 50 percent of water that contains in the aquarium per day.

In the fresh water that has been replace every day; this kind of fish can be developed faster because clean water can be the biggest factor to maintain betta fish life. Maintaining the tank temperature between 72 degrees of Fahrenheit until 82 degrees of Fahrenheit is also factor that can make betta fish grow up. Based on that ways, the question about do betta fish grow has been answered.