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How to change a betta fish water?

Keeping the water conditions in the aquarium is important to keep the betta fish to stay healthy.

Too late to change the water will cause diseases. Taik betta food remains and that settles in the bottom water can cause illness betta.

Increasingly being replaced aquarium water, betta fish growth will be faster. The recommended maximum limit is 3 days changing the water once.

There are two ways to take care of the aquarium water, which partly replace and replace all.

To replace some of the aquarium water, aquarium water suction enough, especially at the bottom of the aquarium that contained food waste and sewage sludge using a plastic tube about half the volume of aquarium water. Then, fill with clean water.

Substitution of most of the aquarium water every day to keep the aquarium stays clean. To replace the entire water aquarium should be done once a week. Do it the same way as replacing some of the aquarium water.

In addition to replacing the water, the aquarium also be washed after it is dried in the sun that is useful for killing bacteria, fungi, and bacteria that remain. To do this, soak the aquarium with a solution of “potassium permanganate” high dose for 1-2 hours. After that, wash your aquarium clean and dry in the sun to dry.

In addition to regularly, aquarium water can also be replaced if it looks deteriorated. Decline in water quality in the aquarium was marked by murky water aquarium. If water quality is deteriorating, betta will appear floating or stationary at the bottom of the aquarium, will not move much. If water quality is good, betta fins expanded, bright colors, fish active and show off its beauty.

Consider the following tips


  1. Betta fish move to another place with caution!
  2. Wash thoroughly akurium lest any remaining moss
  3. Pour clean water into your tank
  4. Give the “salt fish” 1 tablespoon of the fish are not exposed to the fungus
  5. Put back into the aquarium with a betta fish care