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Light in the Environment and Betta Fish

Betta fish is an aggressive fighting beautiful colorful fish that can live in the many types of tanks. Based on the characteristic of the betta fish, betta fish like to swim freely and eat the food in the surface of the tank. As a result, the larger tank is a good idea for betta fish life environment.

Despitefully, betta fish likes to hide in the edge of aquarium in the hidden place that provided in the environment. Therefore, many people who take care of betta fish provides a place in the aquarium that is able to be hidden for the lovely pet. As a result, the betta fish don’t like light in the environment. It is because betta fish like to hide in the dark place that given to the aquarium in its environment.

Do Betta Fish Like Light to Play With?

As we know that betta fish like to hide in the dark place, so the idea of giving a light to the betta fish is not a good idea for the betta fish during its life. Betta fish like to play with the something new in the aquarium that can be the unique things to play with.

Based on the characteristic, betta fish loves to hide in the dark place in the edge of aquarium, so this beautiful colorful fish interested in the dark place to hide and play. The betta fish tend to be shy when there is a light in the aquarium and may be make this kind of fish stress because of the light in the aquarium. So, the question about do betta fish like light has been answered well. It is a bad idea to give light for the betta fish aquarium.